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Savastat LC
Frequently Asked Questions

Savastat LC Product Description

I have a room stat, so why do I need Savastat LC?

The function of a room stat. is to control the space temperature. It does not relate the boilers output to the constantly varying load, or heat demand. Savastat LC monitors this demand and adjusts the boilers heat output accordingly. The room stat will ensure there is no loss of comfort in the building but Savastat LC will ensure this level of comfort is provided economically by providing the intelligence that allows the system to react in relation to the level of load.

Once a building is up to temp you do not need to provide the same level of heat to maintain that temp. Savastat LC will reduce the temp. of the water traveling around the radiators in relation to the heating demand. By making small adjustments of only a few degrees Savastat LC will produce significant savings, typically around 20%.

How can we save money and still be warm?

Savastat LC will never prevent the existing controls (whether simple stand-alone or full BMS Systems) from delivering heat as required to the building.  Savastat LC only makes small adjustments to the boiler operating temperature and firing patterns in accord with reduced load conditions.

Does Savastat LC affect my boiler maintenance contract?

No. Service contracts with British Gas or other fuel suppliers will not be invalidated.

Who is Fuel Economy Ltd?

FEL was formed in 1991. The company was formed to market energy controls. Savastat LC is a third generation device, it utilizes a FEL software programmed computer chip which monitors the system twice each second to maximize the savings potential.

Savastat LC has been proven in the demanding environment of the commercial heating industry. FEL has supplied and installed into over 700 branches of National West. Bank. Over 2000 schools use Savastat LC. The largest Regional Council in Europe has purchased 1,620 Savastat LC's.

How long will it take to pay for itself?

This depends on the size of the heating bill and the number of boilers involved. The cost of fitting Savastat LC is often recovered in a few months and always within a maximum of 2 years.

The savings start immediately after Savastat LC is installed.

How long will Savastat LC last?

Savastat LC is guaranteed for two years. It will probably outlast the boiler it is attached to. Savastat can be relocated easily to another heating system as needed.

Can Savastat LC be used in conjunction with zone optimizers?

Yes, however lower savings will be achieved.. (refer to Using Savastat LC with Zone Optimizers)

Can Savastat LC be used in conjunction with Outside Reset Controllers?

Maybe. If the outside reset controller makes adjustments to boiler operating temperature, then Savastat LC can not function as desired.

(refer to Savastat LC and Outside Reset Controllers)

Will Savastat LC work with my modulating burner?

No. (refer to Savastat LC vs. Modulating Burners)



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