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SDR for Well-Head Applications
Thermo-Dynamic Stack Draft Regulator

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The Oil Drilling Industry has many applications for which the SDR System can offer
dramatic results.

Some of the applications we apply to are:
  • Heater Treaters (Both horizontal and vertical.)
  • Emulsion Treaters
  • Tank Heaters
  • Line Heaters

Typically these applications are utilizing the gas coming from the well to operate this equipment. In some cases propane is used to operate this equipment, which can be costly.

The SDR has proven itself to drastically reduce the amount of fuel needed to run the equipment which provides more gas to sell in the pipeline. If propane is being used, it reduces costs by lowering consumption.

Some of the benefits are:


  • Utilizing less fuel to operate equipment. (Promotes energy conservation.)
  • More profits by having more fuel to sell
  • Reduces run time during burn
  • Reduces daily cycles of equipment
  • Reduces tonnage of emissions into the atmosphere. (Promotes clean air.)
  • Many cases show dramatic reductions in emitted pollutants
  • The system pays for itself quickly with increased long term profits for the client

Treater Without SDR



Treaters typically are quite inefficient, with high stack losses.


Treater With SDR




With the SDR, heat is transferred to the fluid more efficiently, thus fuel consumption is reduced. Also, by reducing off-cycle stack loss, thermal stresses are reduced, which leads to longer equipment life and lower maintenance costs.



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