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Managing Wastewater Quality with AquaKLEAR

AquaKLEAR P Series for wastewater systems

Wastewater management is an ongoing problem for many industrial organizations.  Entire trade publications and numerous books are available which deal only with this subject.  EPA regulations are becoming more and more strict, and continually create additional difficulty for facility managers to achieve these water quality goals. Harsh penalties can be placed on organizations who do not meet up to the required standards.  These combined factors make managing wastewater quality a top concern for many organizations.

ECMI helps our clients manage wastewater quality in facility systems by implementing our AquaKLEAR systems to promote the flocculation process, to manage bio-fouling, and to deal with scaling problems within these systems.  AquaKLEAR is a non-chemical treatment technology, completely unique to any other technology available.  Utilizing the AquaKLEAR units gives us a distinct advantage over traditional chemical treatments for wastewater systems:

  • AquaKLEAR is an electronic water treatment device that generates an electric field that is applied to all suspended particles flowing past the ferrite ring.

  • The electric field is applied longitudinally and its effect on dissolved ions is over the entire the piping network.

  • Non-chemical flocculation provides a cost-effective method for easy separation of solids.

  • Flocked particles are more easily filtered and cause less backwashing.

  • Biofouling throughout the system is also eliminated

  • Limescale problems are eliminated from the piping system.

  • Keeps equipment operating at peek efficiency.

  • Reduces or eliminates costs for chemicals used for wastewater treatment systems.

  • Reduces scheduled cleaning cycles of facility equipment.

  • Very low power consumption make on-going operation very cost effective.

  • AquaKLEAR requires NO maintenance.  AquaKLEAR is truly a "fit-and-forget" solution.

  • No plumbing is required for installation, and the units typically integrate into existing systems without any modifications.

Because traditional wastewater systems can be very complex in nature, and wastewater operations often need constant attention, many facility managers may feel our solutions must be too good to be true.  We would like to encourage these managers to take the opportunity to work with us to see first hand what our equipment and technology can accomplish at their facilities.  Seeing is believing.

We can provide more in-depth material covering this subject upon request.


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