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Product Case Studies


ECMI Product Case Studies

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Public Case Studies  

Savastat LC
Savastat LC

Savastat LC USA Case Studies

Hydropath Case Studies

Hydropath USA Case Studies

Stack Draft Regulator - SDR

Savastat SC USA Case Studies


Savastat Case Studies:

The majority of Savastat LC Case Studies have been conducted in the UK, where the products are manufactured and have been marketed successfully for over 12 years.

Hydropath Case Studies:

We provide a TINY sampling of the available material regarding Hydropath case studies.  The bulk of these case studies are conducted by various distributors around the world, and not necessarily the manufacturer themselves.  We provide some of the case studies which have been translated into English for our use.

Feel free to inquire about additional case studies in regard to your specific applications, and we will send the inquiry to the manufacture to see what additional material they may have which would be helpful to your organization.

ECMI actively conducts case studies with the support of our clients.
Check back often for new updates of USA case studies.


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