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Stack Draft, Excess Stack Draft, and

Stack Draft Technologies

Stack Draft Regulator eliminates excess stack draft

Excess stack draft can be robbing your system of heating efficiency no matter how well the equipment is rated.  Boilers are rated by most manufacturers in a lab environment with a 3' stack venting into a hood!  In actual practice, rarely do boilers perform up to these specs.  The Stack Draft Regulator changes all this by thermo-dynamically controlling stack draft, and eliminating excess stack draft.  This is done with no moving parts, and no controllers to fail!  Once the boiler is tuned, it stays tuned, even during windy days. This can readily be shown and proven using a typical flu gas analyzer.

The following information is provided courtesy of Bacharach, Inc.  For additional information concerning stack draft, combustion, and other boiler issues, visit the Bacharach Training website.

ECMI, our Associates, and installers proudly use Bacharach Instruments when conducting feasibility studies, site surveys, and SES installations for our clients. 

Note that the ECMI Stack Draft Regulator is implemented in conjunction with traditional barometric draft regulators and draft hoods, and will significantly improve the performance of the stack system. 

The information provided by the Bacharach Training Site does not include SDR specific information, but is intended to provide general information concerning excess draft.

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